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The Secret of Minimal Effort Music Marketing of Unsigned Bands

by Marc Gunn

When it comes to band promotion, I love facts. So I'm going to give you some cold hard facts on how my band, the Brobdingnagian Bards, has quadrupled visits to our website with minimal effort.

I know, it sounds like great ad copy, but the truth of the matter is I found some incredible promotional ideas, first, in "Poor Richard's Internet Marketing and Promotion", and then inspired to action by David Nevue's "How to Promote Your Music Successfully on the Internet".

About a month ago, we began running The Great Celtic Music Giveaway from our website. And during that time have doubled unique visits to our homepage.

In case you don't know what a "unique visit" is. It is a more accurate reflection of how many people are visiting you. Whereas one "hit" means you had one visit, plus, one download for every image on your site, a "unique visit" is one person visiting that particular page.

I don't have the count for unique visits to our contest page, but that's okay, because we are getting hundreds of unique visits to our homepage, meaning...people are looking around. And with 3-5 new signups per day, that's 150 new people per month who are interested in our style of music.

Sure, it's nothing compared to them millions visiting Yahoo. But the Celtic music scene is small and tight. And we are making ourselves known to a growing number of people. And considering I've only promoted the contest in this newsletter and in, I think it is one heck of a start.

So is this something you should consider? Sure. Give it a try. Keep it small to start if you need to. One CD. But promote it BIG!

THE GREAT (your style of music) GIVEAWAY.

Promote it online. To YOUR audience. That is the key. Don't try to promote it the musician crowd, but the music-lover crowd. People love to win things for free, and you too could pull in hundreds of new fans with minimal effort.

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Article by Marc Gunn of TheBards Crier. Marc has helped 1000's of musicians make money with their musical groups through TheBards Crier and the Texas Musicians Network. Now you can get personal advice by visiting for FREE "how-to" music marketing assistance.

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