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Create a digital press kit that gets delivered automatically to anyone that requests it - within minutes!!

Imagine if you could create a press kit and set it up as a digital file (an adobe acrobat file or PDF). This digital file could contain your band bio, info on each band members, a photo as well as recent press or write ups you've received.

Now imagine that this digital file is setup in an automated email system so that any label, club or agent that is interested in you can simply send a blank email to an email address you choose (or fill out a form on your website) and within minutes - bang . . . they receive your digital press kit in their email.

Pretty powerful huh? Well it doesn't end there. What if 4 days after they requested your press kit - that same agent or label automatically received another email from you thanking them for their interest in you and asking if they had any further questions. And what if 30 days after that another email was sent to them again asking if they had any questions.

What if this whole thing could be put on autopilot so you didn't have to do anything at all. Everyone who requested your digital press kit would be blown away at how good you were at following up . . . meanwhile you don't have to do a thing!

That's where Quicktell comes in. Quicktell is the same great tool I described when telling you how you can automate your mailing list or newsletter. Well you can use this powerful service to not only handle your mailing list and band newsletter but it can also be used to setup and deliver your digital press kit (and all for the same low monthly fee)!

I use this tool for all of my email marketing and promotion. In fact this is the very service I use to maintain and send out our "Message in a Bottle" email newsletter.

Go by their site and check out a demo of how the system works. You'll be amazed and not only will it save you hours of time each month . . . it will help give you and your band the professional appearance to succeed in today's music business. Check out QUICKTELL Today!

In the next few months I'll be launching a free email course on how to setup your own automated digital press kit to promote your band. Make sure to check back and learn how to take advantage of this powerful tool!

Would you be interested in a service where we would help you setup your digital press kit and provide an email address for you to use to provide automatic delivery and follow up for a fee as we described above?

If so CLICK HERE to email us and we'll let you know when it's available.

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