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Get new fans by letting them
hear you play!

Click the play button above to hear a sample song by Honey Child from their new CD Taller!

There's no two ways about it . . . the best way to get new fans is to let people easily sample your music and hear what you sound like. But it can be difficult and expensive to take your CD or tapes and convert them to some form of streaming audio so people can easily listen to your music from your site.

Not anymore - thanks to a great service I've discovered called AudioGenerator. Audiogenerator makes it super easy to upload an MP3 file of your song to their website and it instantly converts it to a Flash Audio file. The great thing about flash is that almost everyone has the free flash player already installed on their computer so there is no need for them to download complicated players.

Plus unlike Real Audio and Windows Media files that have to buffer before they can play - AudioGenerator files play almost instantly as soon as you hit the play button - so your fans don't have to wait - they can start listening to your music as soon as they get to your site.

Plus you can also easily record audio voice messages for your fans and easily create great audio postcards to send out to your mailing list - including your voice and music! Imagine sending out an audio postcard to your fans to let them know about an upcoming gig - including you talking to them about what a great show it will be and a sample of one of your tunes! Now that's how you market your music and get people at your shows!

I love this service and use it on almost all of my websites. In fact one of the great things is you get almost unlimited use of it for one low monthly fee - so you can create as many songs, audio messages and postcards as you want. And it's so easy to use you can be posting songs and sending postcards within minutes!

Check out some demos on their site to get a feel for what you can do with this service. I think you'll really be blown away - I know I was!



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